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Enjoying Sex in Old Age

As we age, it is natural for our bodies and minds to change; however, that does not have to mean a change in sexual desires.

Most discussions of sex in old age typically center around dysfunctions associated with age (erectile loss, reduced mobility or stamina, infertility issues). Yet sex remains an integral form of physical intimacy for many older adults – an activity which not only burns calories and promotes feelings of well-being but can reduce anxiety as well.

Studies published in Sexual Medicine indicate that people over 60 reported higher enjoyment of life scores compared to their peers who did not report having sexual relations.

But how can older couples enjoy sexual intimacy? One approach may involve less distractions and more time and privacy for just enjoying each other’s company, with no longer worrying about pregnancy risks or sexually transmitted diseases like herpes or gonorrhea.

An alternative perspective may also help improve sexual satisfaction, for instance by raising more awareness of how the body responds to touch and physical intimacy. Being up-to-date with technology and exploring different sexual activities can keep things exciting – and don’t forget: no one ever outgrows emotional closeness or romance!

Some individuals experience difficulties that aren’t sexual, but rather emotional in nature. Depression can affect all areas of a person’s life – including sexual desire. Other factors that can decrease sexual motivation include illness, financial strain or the side effects from some medications.

At late adulthood, it’s vitally important to employ safe sex techniques. Condom use during intercourse helps avoid pregnancy and lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infections – something especially crucial if fertility levels drop significantly. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are difficult to treat once they arise; so protecting yourself against STDs at every opportunity is paramount to health and happiness.

If you’re confused about how to proceed, consult with your physician. A urologist or gynecologist can diagnose and treat any sexual issues you might be having; these health professionals may even suggest sex education or therapy sessions to increase sexual desire or communication between partners. If he or she detects anything concerning, he or she will refer you to a specialist; while self-care and plenty of love are great ways to ensure you’ll continue enjoying great sex lives as we age!

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