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Is Sex Good Is Night Or Morning?

No one would dispute that sex is an essential component of healthy romantic relationships, keeping us connected to each other and contributing to intimacy. Yet many do not understand that when having sex matters just as much. There can be numerous reasons for couples preferring morning sex over nighttime sex; not simply due to being more energetic in the morning but for scientifically proven health reasons that support this choice as being better for them.

At its core, sexual health boils down to hormones and timing. If you want a lasting erection and to boost your libido, producing enough testosterone will be key – and while having sex, your body also releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin that make you happy!

Sex in the morning can be more advantageous because it avoids waiting for an appropriate mood or time of day to engage in sexual activity. Doing it daily becomes part of your morning ritual and feels completely natural – almost like brushing your teeth or getting dressed, with additional potential benefits!

Sex helps release oxytocin, which encourages feelings of trust and bonding between partners. Furthermore, its soothing qualities also provide relief for any stress or tension you might be feeling; moreover, when performed first thing in the morning it provides a great energy boost that can see you through to lunch time!

Morning sex can also be more intimate than evening sex because both partners are alone in the house and have ample opportunity to focus on each other and deepen your connection – not to mention having plenty of lube available!

If you decide to try morning sex, it is essential that you communicate your needs to your partner prior to starting. Be clear with what you like and don’t like, and attempt to establish it as part of a habitual practice.

Although morning sex might not always be feasible when caring for children or having a demanding job, its health benefits and happiness-inducing properties certainly outweigh its inconvenience. Just make sure you use enough lube so it becomes a priority and enjoy! You won’t regret it!

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