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Which Sex Position Batter Than Other?

As each person has unique genitalia, there’s no one-size-fits-all sex position that will work perfectly for everyone; however, certain positions may feel more seductive to certain individuals than others.

Sex from behind positions are ideal for some individuals as they give them the feeling of anal penetration and stimulate both clitoris and G-spot (the area at the front of vagina that triggers orgasm in women). This is particularly effective if those doing the penetrating take a crouching position when performing penetration.

Face-to-Face positions offer intimacy and eye contact while offering deep penetration, but may place too much pressure on one partner’s back or hips. Reverse Cowgirl can provide more relaxed entry through crossed leg position; partner sitting atop can enter using penis or toy for easier entry into other person.

Starfish positions allow partners to achieve intimacy and closeness while still having freedom of movement and added friction during intimate moments. But as with anything sexual, it is best to experiment and try different positions until something feels comfortable for both of you.

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